George Twardy is a Philadelphia attorney running for Judge of the Philadelphia Municipal in this year's Primary Election. At a time when so many people are fearful of their future, we need judges on the bench that can connect with regular folks in the community to restore public confidence in our legal process. George will be that kind of judge.

He has devoted more than a quarter century of his professional career as a general practitioner fighting on behalf of regular people looking to get a fair hearing of their circumstances through our legal process. After a few years working as a staff attorney for a national insurance company, he formed his own law practice in 1992 with an emphasis on personal injury, workmen’s compensation, criminal defense and administrative law matters. He has been a tireless champion of thousands of people like you, your family, neighbors and friends.

George was born and raised the son of a long-term Philadelphia Traffic Court Judge, and served as an elected township commissioner of a large suburban municipality. The understanding, integrity and leadership exemplified by his father throughout the years of his service, along with the experience he gained serving people in an elected capacity, George is uniquely qualified for the bench in Philadelphia. Understanding the needs of regular people while trying to make informed decisions in the face of conflicting interests are vital skills necessary to be an effective arbiter. Add to that his record of integrity and respect for the legal process, and his individual commitment to the thousands of clients he has represented across all levels of the court system, George Twardy has the ingredients necessary to be the kind of judge we will all be proud of.